What do others have to say about my performances? Check out below!

The Rocky Horror Show

"Chad Michael Innis and Lianne Rodriguez are outstanding as Riff Raff and Columbia, respectively." -The Chicago Reader

"Riff Raff and his sister Magenta’s (Tirado) chemistry throughout the show pulses with such mischief and curious sexuality that I wished there existed a B-story of their relationship." -Reviews You Can Iews

Hello, Dolly!

"A standout... Innis is a real triple threat... I wished the part of Cornelius called for more singing and dancing so the audience could be treated to more of Innis' talent." - The Salisbury Post


"If pressed to pick my favorite moments, I'll say [Chad Michael] Innis' rendition of the Mason song..." - The Salisbury Post

The Boyfriend

"The real joy, however, comes from the voice on display here... "I Could Be Happy With You," sung by Caitlin Becka and [Chad Michael] Innis." - The Salisbury Post

Liberal Arts: The Musical!

"I found myself intrigued... by the very odd ensemble member Chad Michael Innis, whose bulging eyes and awkward lope added some quirk to an otherwise beige evening." -Time Out Chicago